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We check the DVSA database thousands of times a day so that we can spot cancellations very quickly as they come up and secure them for our customers.

We accept payment by all major credit/debit cards and also support ApplePay and GooglePay.

There is absolutely no commitment to join our Premium Tier. Our free service will check two times per day for cancellation slots and lasts up to 14 days. You are much more likely to be successful in securing a cancellation slot on our Premium Tier however. When cancellation slots are found, they are first offered to our premium tier customers before being handed to our free tier customers. You can also greatly increase your chances of getting an earlier slot by choosing multiple driving test centres to take your test at (only available on Premium).

"AutoBook" is our automatic booking feature. If you have AutoBook enabled, then our service will automatically book an earlier slot when it locates one for you. This means you don't need to sit eagerly waiting by your phone for a notification to come through that you may need to respond to. The alternative to AutoBook is our Manual booking system. With Manual Booking, we will send you an SMS notification with the cancellation slot test details that are available. We can only hold slots for around 10 minutes, so you need to reply with "BOOK" within those 10 minutes for us to attempt to get that slot for you. AutoBook takes the hassle away!

Yes you do need a test booked. Our service will continuously search for cancellation slots for you, but you do first need a test booking at any UK test centre. This puts you in control of your booking details and we can take care of securing you an earlier test date!

If you opted for our Free Tier and would like to take advantage of the features of our Premium Tier, you can upgrade by logging into your account and clicking on the "Upgrade To Premium" button in your dashboard.

Why Choose Us?

Here are a few reasons why our customers choose us.

Save Weeks On Test Dates

Our system works tirelessly every minute of the day to search for cancellation slots. We can bring your test date forward by several weeks!

Instant Notifications

Our state of the art booking system, notifies you immediately once a test cancellation slot has been located, giving you the best possible chance of securing a slot.

No App Necessary

Our system doesn't rely on your mobile phone to search for cancellations. We do this on your behalf and you dont need an application running in the background on your phone. We will simply alert you of available slots by SMS.

Trusted by Many

We have helped thousands of learner drivers secure an earlier driving test slot. On average we have brought forward our customers test dates by 64 days!

Save Money On Lessons

We save you hundreds of pounds on un-necessary driving lessons! On average, we save our customers approximately £160 in unnecessary lessons.

Unlimited Test Bookings

We will continually bring your test date forward as many times as possible until you get the earliest possible date available, at no extra cost.

Smart Searching System

Our driving test searching system is unparalleled in performance. Unlike some competitors, we do not overload the DVSA's booking system. Our smart searching software, is built to be constantly aware of available test slots across the UK.

Select Multiple Test Centres

Our platform allows you to select up to 3 different driving test centres to take your test at. This feature triples your chances of securing an earlier driving test slot!

Happy Customers

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“I was really struggling to find an earlier driving test date, but Test Cancellations came to the rescue! Within a week of signing up, I received several notifications for earlier slots via text. The process was seamless, and I managed to secure a test date that was almost two months earlier than my original booking!”

Emma R.


“This service is a game-changer! I was desperate to get my driving test sooner, and these guys delivered. I got multiple notifications about available slots, and finally, one that fit in with my instructors schedule. The £19.95 is a small price to pay for such a fantastic service. Highly recommend.”

James T.


“I can't thank the Test Cancellations team enough! I was really struggling to book my test. The earliest test i could book was for three months away! Thanks to this service, I managed to get a test in just three weeks. The Autobook system was brilliant and a seamless experience.”

Sarah L.


“Brilliant service! I was very skeptical at first, but Test Cancellations exceeded my expectations. I received a notification about a cancellation slot within two hours of signing up! Unfortunately I failed my test.. but i am using this service again to get me another slot. Highly Recommend these guys.”

David P.


“I was frustrated with my driving test being so far away, but Test Cancellations came through! Within a few days, I got an SMS notification for an earlier slot that fit perfectly into my schedule. The service is worth every penny of the £19.95 fee. I couldn't be happier with the results!”

Olivia M.


“I was so stressed out by the DVSA wait times for driving tests, it is almost impossible to book a driving test. This service has been an absolute life saver! They brought my test forward by almost 70 days which was incredible. This has saved me a lot of anxiety and waiting!”

Hannah G.


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