From the Highways Agency Make time for winter: advice to motorists

Winter weather driving advice from the IAM

With snow and ice affecting many parts of the country (Jan 2010 )the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) has issued advice for safe winter driving.

Before you set off:

Once you’re on the move:

Things to look out for:



Make Time for Winter - your guide to driving in severe weather

Winter can be a busy time for everybody. Whether working, at school or on holiday, there's so much to remember. But whatever occupies your time this winter, don't get caught out when driving in severe weather. Don't just drive, prepare.

For a smoother journey check your vehicle is ready for winter

Regularly servicing and checking your vehicle is in good running order before setting out, will reduce your chances of breaking down on the road. It's worth making these checks regularly - and particularly before a long journey:

Be a smarter driver - check traffic and weather updates

Before you set off it's worth taking a few minutes to make sure that there aren't any problems on your intended route. You can check for live updates as you travel too - but remember not to use your phone while driving.